4 Most Important Specs To Consider For A 3D Animation PC

by | Oct 7, 2022 | 3D Designs | 0 comments

3D animation is a complex and demanding process in the field of arts and design. Not every PC out there is built for 3D animation. What’s also worth noting is that the quality of your work will be affected by the specs that your PC has too. That said, finding a good PC for 3D animation can be hard.

It can cost you upwards of $3,000 to get a good PC. Of course, you’ll also need to consider the specs themselves. If that’s what you’re looking for right now, here are the most important specs to consider when buying or building your first PC for 3D animation.


The operating system is basically what’s responsible for running your entire rig. The best choice boils down to either a Windows or a MacOS. Many designers use MacOS simply because it’s easier to use and more accessible to those without heavy computer knowledge.

The downside to a Mac is that it’s not as versatile or as customizable as a Windows PC.


GPU stands for graphics processing unit. Now, this is the most important part when building a PC for 3D animation. GPUs are mostly related to video games but if you’re going to render graphics and do 3D animation, it’s just as important as any other part of the PC.

GPUs can be very expensive. The RTX 4090 is the latest you can buy and it can set you back around $1,400 for a single unit. It might be a tall order for some but bear in mind that if this is going to help you create better animations without limits, then investing in a good GPU is more than important.


The CPU is essentially the main computing unit that makes your entire rig work. Ideally, you’d want a CPU that’s fast and reliable. 3D animation software has minimum requirements when it comes to the CPU it must run on.

Intel CPUs are at the top of the chain right now but they’re a bit more expensive. AMD Ryzen CPUs are a great choice as they’re mostly made for gaming. With that, they can be a good option for 3D animation as well.


RAM or random access memory is basically the stored data that your PC uses to run apps. Most 3D design software requires around  4GB of RAM. However, if you’re looking to multi-task, we suggest a RAM of at least 16GB.

Such a RAM not only guarantees a smooth performance for your 3D animation software. It can also ensure that you can run a whole host of other apps at the same time. This can help you stay more productive as well.

Building a PC for 3D animation can be quite expensive. However, it’s a great investment for your needs as a 3D animator. Bear in mind that this isn’t all that you need. You’ll also need a reliable monitor, mouse, drawing tablet, and of course, a good 3D animation software to make your output even better.

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